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How to Use a Vapor Cigarette

If you have just been recently introduced to water vapor cigarettes and have decided on giving it a try, here are points you need to remember in starting out.

  • ·         Buy a Starter Kit

You can start on water vapor cigarettes by buying a starter kit. These kits provide beginners with everything needed to get started. These are also often offered at a discount. a basic starter kit will usually consists of a charger, batteries, and 5 refill cartridges.

  • ·         Assembly

Horston / Wikimedia Commons

A. LED light, B. Battery, C. atomizer, D. cartridge

Don’t be so eager to rip the packaging open and try to fit your new electric cigarette together so you could try it out right away. Instead, take time to read how to assemble your new electric cigarette just like you would with a new piece of electronic gadget. If not, you may end up destroying it before you could have the chance to use.

Horston / Wikimedia Commons

First, you should plug the battery in and charge it. As soon as the battery is fully charged, unplug it and begin the assembly of your new device. The refill cartridges that are included in your starter kit may already be refilled. If not, you will first need to fill them up. You can do this by simply pouring some of the Liquid refill into the cartridge. Some brands have easier methods to refill cartridges you should always read the instruction manual. Remember to refrain from using use a vapor cigarette with an empty cartridge, as this might cause permanent damage to the battery and the cartridge.

  • ·         How to use your Vapor Cigarette

Once are done with assembling your vapor cigarette you can now try it out for the first time. There is very little difference in how vapor cigarettes are used in comparison with a tobacco cigarette. To activate the device, you can simply take a drag off of it like you would in a traditional cigarette. The LED light on the device will light up, an indication that it is now active. The device will automatically turn itself off after a period of inactivity.

  • ·         Maintenance of your Vapor Cigarette

Maintenance of your vapor cigarettes basically consists of replacing or refilling cartridges once empty. Keep your batteries always charged. Usually the LED indicator will begin to dim or on some models begin to flash, this indicates that the battery should to be recharged. The reusable cartridges must be disinfected often.

The atomizer is a heating element that serves to vaporize the solution so it can be inhaled. It contains a filament whose efficiency degrades over time due to a buildup of sediment, or burns out entirely. The atomizer is located within the cartridges. And since the atomizer will wear out, the cartridges need to be replaced regularly. You must also occasionally wipe the entire device with a clean cloth to lengthen its life.

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