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Switching to Vapor Cigarettes Immediate Effects

If you are a smoker and have not yet tried using water vapor cigarettes instead, you might change your mind when you learn of some of the effects immediately felt upon switching from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes also known as water vapor cigarettes.

Admittedly, Smoking cessation or completely giving up smoking brings about greater positive effects than simply switching but we all know that once you are in too deep in the habit of smoking, quitting is very difficult and if done abruptly it brings about undesired withdrawal symptoms just like any addictive substance would. These symptoms include headache, irritability, dizziness and insomnia.

With the switching of traditional tobacco cigarette with an electronic one, almost all harmful substance that comes from tobacco is eliminated, admittedly not including Nicotine. Now nicotine is the main cause of addiction to tobacco and is the driving force preventing the cessation of smoking but with the advent of the water vapor cigarette, it becomes the only remnant substance coming from a tobacco cigarette. And since the other harmful substances are eliminated, the following result benefits to the body take effect immediately:

  • Healthy weight gain. Healthily increasing your mass would be an improvement to a smoker’s otherwise sickly frame.
  • Decrease in Blood pressure and normalizing heart beat rate. This in turn decreases the strain forced upon the heart.
  • Healthy decrease of Carbon Monoxide in the body. There is no doubt that the removal of this very poisonous substance is a positive gain.
  • The risk of having coronary heart disease is lessened to 50%.
  • Minimize coughing and shortness of breath.
  • Improved circulation of the blood.
  • Eliminating bad breath is definitely a plus.
  • Healthy growth of the once damaged nerve endings. This greatly improves your sense of taste and smell.
  • Risk of suffering a stroke decreases.
  • Risk of developing the dreaded lung cancer is greatly decreased.

With all these, why wait? Switching greatly improves your health and obviously lengthens a smoker’s life. Plus eliminating the risk of any disease also means saving a great amount of time, money and resources that would otherwise be used to preserve a diseased smoker’s life.


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