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Using Blu Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are really easy to use, but there are questions that can baffle even a seasoned electronics veteran. Fortunately there are user friendly products such as blu electronic cigarettes that make the experience fun and easier than you might expect. The blu cigarette starter kit comes with clear instructions, but since most people do not take the time to read the instructions, here are some tips.

I know you’ll be happy to use your new blu e-Cigar, but the first thing you want to do is create your package, so it will be loaded. To do this, he took full part by removing the cartridge, and set aside. Open your pack blu and turn the battery you have in your hand over the end so shiny metallic down. Slide the battery into the second hole from the right and screw until the light on the side of your pack Blu begins to shine. The light can stay on for a while, or it can begin to flash. Anyway, this tells you to pack light and battery inside, began to load.

let the battery charge to full before taking a puff. This will allow the battery to start at its best, and gives a point of working memory. Once the battery and packaging are fully charged, you are ready for the next step

Included in basic kit is a smaller box, which contains its flavor cartridges the level of nicotine you chose when you place your order. Click on the first tape and put it next to the blu box, then take the battery from the sprayer, was caught and go to the sink.

The atomizer part is self-cleaning, meaning that when activated, it will heat up and burn the liquid over it, or most liquids anyway. Before you start using the Blu e-cig, wants to run very hot water to rinse the first spray (an oily substance that keeps a spray cleaning during transport and storage) cartridge for your first taste is the best.

Dry the atomizer with an absorbent cloth and then blow through the bottom of the hole a couple of times to get all the remaining water out. Let stand and dry for a few minutes, then return to it. Take the spray to dry and tighten it firmly with your right hand battery, then take the cartridge and then keep it open end up. Push the tip of the injector cartridge, and push the two together until the cartridge snaps into place, and the tip of the blue lights cigarette. You should hear the sound of blows, which means that the sprayer was turned a bit, which is normal. Now take a slow puff immediately blowing out.  This warms up the atomizer a little, and your second drag will be fuller.

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