In the current practice of the vape, it arises, quite often, for beginners questions about how to adopt the method to adopt in the inhalation of a puff of vapour from a kit of an electronic cigarette or similar accessory. Indeed, given the proliferation of many products currently intended for the vapor, such concerns continue to spread to the general public interested in the consumption of these e-liquids.

The differences between direct and indirect inhalation

In practice, direct and indirect inhalation are two concepts that are difficult to grasp because of their similarity for beginners of the vape. On the one hand, indirect inhalation, also called MTL or Mouth to lung, which involves the route from mouth to lungs for the practice of vape using a reservoir reserved for this purpose. On the other hand, direct inhalation or DL for any action of more airy vape like classical breathing. This process of DL vapour requires practically the production of a thick vapour with aromas well transcribed. In all cases, the indirect inhalation vapor is similar to the draft on a conventional cigarette. This method is in perfect harmony with the expectations of beginners who want to give up their old habits.

Advantages of the MTL or indirect inhalation method

In most cases, in the design of MTL vapour products, e-fluids with a high concentration of propylene glycol, or at least 50% of their dosage, have been preferred by their manufacturers. Indeed, for practical reasons, this chemical component makes it possible to obtain an apparent fluidity of the e-liquids. Subsequently, the fixation of flavours was made easier because the propylene glycol in question plays a remarkable role in restoring the flavours it contains. Moreover, the use of an indirect inhalation tank allows a suitable choice of nicotine dosage according to the needs of the practitioner of the vapour in question.

Direct inhalation and its beneficial effects

In some cases, e-liquids for direct and indirect inhalation can be beneficial to the human body. In fact, certain active ingredients extracted from the plants used in the manufacture of these e-liquids help reduce the harmful effects of stress and anxiety on individuals in a state of depression. In the same vein, it so happens that the appetite of some patients can also be stimulated by the direct and indirect inhalation of these e-liquids, in addition to their properties of anxiety calming. In any case, it has been found that the adoption of direct inhalation requires the use of more powerful equipment and much more demanding in e-liquid and electrical power.

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