Tobacco is dangerous to your health. Its consequences on the lungs are always irreversible and have no cure. Smoking cessation is therefore recommended. Hence the electronic cigarette. Tool of withdrawal very trendy, the e-cigarette is very popular with former smokers. It is rather beneficial and economical. However, the beginning to the vape is not always easy and always causes coughs. Discover then some practical tips to vaporize easily with an e-cigarette.

How to choose your electronic cigarette

Even if the transition between tobacco and electronic cigarette naturally produces coughs because of the airy and drier nature of the vapour, your equipment must always be of good quality and of a fairly moderate power. Then use electronic cigarettes regulated and especially adapted to your way of shooting. Indeed, there are several types of electronic cigarettes, namely cigarettes that have a direct draw like chichas and an indirect draw. To vaporize without coughing, prefer the indirect type of electronic cigarettes where you will inhale the vapour, keep it in your mouth for a few seconds before inhaling it into your lungs. Also make sure that your equipment has a wider ring for the air flow. Also opt for a cigarette not too powerful between 10W and 20W.

Finding the right dosage of e-liquid and nicotine

The electronic cigarette is very different from the tobacco we know. It is reusable and aware of an e-liquid and nicotine. To vaporize without coughing, watch the dosage of these essential elements. The e-liquid is composed of Propylene Glycol (PG) and vegetable Glycerin (GV). The first gives a good throat feeling and flavors the vapour while the glycerin gives density to the vapour. The wrong dosage of the latter, especially PG, will cause choking and coughing. To avoid this, use a vegetarian e-liquid instead of PG. You can also reduce the PG level as little as possible. However, always check whether your e-liquid is suitable for your vape equipment and whether you are not allergic to the aroma you have chosen. You can also use an electronic cigarette with nicotine salt. The latter will facilitate a good withdrawal and will be more economical.

Improving your circulation

Apart from choosing your electronic cigarette and the right dosage of your e-liquid, improving or rather adapting your print to your cigarette is recommended to succeed in vaporizing and better still, vaporize without coughing. When you smoke, we are usually used to take short puffs of smoke. This is not recommended with an electronic cigarette. With the latter, you should rather promote longer aspirations and much less powerful. You can exercise by counting a few seconds of your inhalation. Above all, don't forget to leave the vapour in your mouth before inhaling it into your lungs.

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