To put an end to the greasy coughs, yellow teeth, ashtray smells and toxic substances found in traditional cigarettes, there's nothing better than becoming a vaporizer. But before consuming, please first learn about the definition of an electronic cigarette, its principle and how it works.

The basics to know

An electronic cigarette is made up of 3 main assets, namely the clearomizer, the resistance and the battery. The latter which provides all the electricity to the resistor. The latter which in turn heats the liquid that you pour into the first component, that is to say the clearomizer. When you inhale the e-liquid, it turns into vapour imitating the smoke of a traditional tobacco-based cigarette. The vapour will then give you the same sensations as your traditional cigarette. You will feel, among other things, depending on your nicotine dosage, the light sensation of scratching at the back of the throat. That said, to vaporize with your electronic cigarette, simply press the button on the battery and then suck on the clearomizer to inhale vapour.

How the clearomizer works

The clearomizer consists mainly of a resistor and a tank. Among other things, it is one of the most indispensable components of an electronic cigarette. It has a screw thread that is usually used to attach it to the battery. In most cases, the clearomizer is transparent in color. This then allows you to control the level of e-liquid contained in your e-cigarette. Note that its role is essential in the production of vapour and in the proper functioning of it. It consists of a piece called "Drip tip" and allows you to inhale the vapour effectively. Its tank containing the e-liquid can be made of glass or plastic. The head of the heater is made of cotton fibers or silica wicks and resistive wire.

The function of the resistor and the battery

The resistance is in the clearomizer. It's the combination of a resistive Kanthal wire. This last one which allows moreover to heat the e-liquid. In this sense, when you press the battery button, electricity heats the resistor until it turns red. The wick of the resistor made of organic cotton or silica fiber is embalmed with the e-liquid. Its function is to stimulate the evaporation of the product during contact with the resistive wire. According to the model of your choice, the resistor can be placed at the top or bottom of the tank. In any case, it is a part of the vaporizer that will have to be changed regularly. Specifically, for optimal operation of your electronic cigarette, it should be changed every time you brush 50 ml of consumption. Regarding the battery, you have a wide choice between several models and several frequencies. However, the most widely used is the rechargeable Li-Ion battery equipped with a "switch" or switch and which can supply electricity to the resistance.

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